Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Wedding and Events

The wedding party arrived in Pleasanton, California over a two-day period. There was a flurry of parties and shopping for clothing for the wedding party attendees. Some of the dollies did not have the appropriate attire for the wedding so their owners spend countless hours (laughing) gluing, sewing, trimming and fitting dress for the wedding.
Luckily, Miss Vicky brought tons of dresses to be altered and also brought buttons, ribbons, trims and more. We all had fun dressing our ladies for the wedding.
The wedding day finally arrived and everyone packed their cars with guests, presents and fancy cupcakes for the wedding.

Lots of guests came, okay, so they were there for the ZNE Convention, but had fun being in attendance.

The wedding coordinator and her helpers had a program, little bags of rice to throw on the wedding couple and in the beautifully decorated box......lovely cupcakes for the guests.

Wedding party attendees.

oooh Elena's chocolate cupcake was a little melted...don't be sad, they still tasted wonderful!

Edward and Eternia where no shows to the party and we were told they were off writing their wedding vows and finalizing their last minute details.

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Sandy Michelle said...

What fun!!!! I can't believe the love birds were a no-show:)