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The ENTIRE Edward and Eternia Love Story

The story is finished and I decided to post the entire story in one post to make it easy to read and review. Thanks for reading. Isn't Love grand?

Edward (Eddie) and Eternia had seen each other from a distance while passing through the airport in Italy but Eternia has quickly turned away knowing that her boyfriend, Sage would be passing through security at any second. She was nervous because she knew she had to end their relationship and soon. Sage just wanted to travel and flirt and not settle down. Eternia knew she wanted more and wished she was flying off with the tall dark haired man boarding a plane.

Eddie waiting for his flight in 1 hour had noticed Eternia, and their eyes had “locked” for a few seconds. Although he didn’t know her name he could see the look in her eye of wanting love. Eddie was leaving Italy because he had been told by the fortune teller that he should go and seek his life partner in the States. Now Eddie didn’t really believe in fortune tellers but when his boss asked for a volunteer to open a new office in California, he jumped at the chance……maybe the fortune teller was right?

Sage and Eternia made their way to her car in the airport parking lot. Sage tossed his bags in the trunk and came around and took the keys from Eternia giving her a little kiss on the cheek. As he did, Eternia noticed a lipstick smudge on his bright white starched collar. Eternia gasped a little and yelped “You really have no respect for me do you?” Sage looked puzzled “What?”. “Did you have a little FLING while flying back to me?” She said as she pointed to the lipstick smudge. .

Sage smiled “Remember baby, no strings, we’re just having fun!” Eternia fumed and turned and started to walk back into the airport. Sage yelled “where are you going?” Eternia looked over her shoulder and said “Remember baby, no strings!” and continue to walk into the airport. .

This was it, she knew it had been over for some time but now she was so mad and hated that she would have to return to their apartment and face him one more time and he would smirk and probably try to get back in her good graces. She knew if he begged enough and talked enough he would ground her down and forgive him AGAIN! “No” she yelled to no one in particular as a few people stared at her talking and walking fast into the airport. .

Eternia flatten herself against the wall as she felt dizzy and didn’t know what to do. She was starting to think she should run out and try to catch Sage before he drove off. Hopefully he hasn’t left yet. “NO” she yelled aloud again to herself. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she started to laugh a little. “I’ll show him”, she thought to herself. She dug in her handbag, “YES”, I do have my passport!” Eternia had just gotten it in the mail yesterday and hoped to surprise Sage with a trip to some fun place. Now she would use it to get away, just for awhile. .

Eternia walked up to the counter and asked “When is the next flight out?” The person at the counter looked up and laughed “honey, we have lots of flights out of here, where are you going?” Eternia slumped alittle and tearfully said “I don’t know where I’m going but I know I have to leave here NOW.” The woman at the counter took pity on her saying “honey, is it a man?” Erternia nodded, wiping tears from her cheeks. “Okay, here’s the deal” the woman said. “We have 3 flights due to leave within an hour. We have 3 flights that will get you out of here immediately, a flight to Argentina, another to the United States and one to Germany. If you have a passport and a credit card, you’ll be leaving soon honey. Where do you want to go?” .

Eternia suddenly smiled and knew everything was going to be alright and she was ready for a big adventure. She handed the woman at the counter her passport and credit card and smiled and said “one ticket for US please!” and so it was decided. .

The woman at the counter yelled to Eternia as she started to run for security “hurry, you’ll just make it honey”, send me a postcard! .

The door of the airplane slammed shut and Eternia breathed a sigh of relief. “What a dash for the gate that was” she thought to herself as she relaxed her shoulders against the seat back. The stewardess said “wow you just made it, you’re a lucky girl” she winked and walked on by. .

Eternia thought “sure I’m a lucky girl -- Sage is probably going to visit one of his girlfriends and I’m a crazy girl running off to another country.” Eternia was starting to have second thoughts. Everything had happened so quickly. “Am I crazy? What am I going to do in the US? .

Just at that moment, the woman sitting next to Eternia turned to her and said “are you going on to New York or staying in London?” “Well” Eternia stammered I don’t really know.” The woman looked at her amazed “I hate to be nosey but can I ask why?” .

Eternia poured her heart out to the complete stranger. She didn’t leave out one single thought or emotion . When she had exhausted herself telling a complete stranger her deepest, darkest secrets the woman said “my that’s quite a story, I can well imagine how tired and mixed up you must be”. By the way, my name is Natasha, Natasha Moore”. “Oh,” said Eternia “I’m sorry, how rude of me after you have been so kind to listen to my life story for almost an entire plane ride, my name is Eternia, nice to meet you.” .

Natasha told Eternia “I think I can help you. At least get you through London and on to US without too much paperwork.” “I’m going to San Francisco in California, have you thought where you’ll end up when you reach the US?” Eternia thought for a moment, “ha she hadn’t even thought she would be on a plane today let alone where she would be sleeping in the coming days, “no, not really”. Natasha smiled and said “well, since you are young and carefree why not join me in San Francisco? I have plenty of connections and lots of room in my home..” .

Eternia wondered if this was a good idea to go off with someone she just met on a plane to somewhere she didn’t know but then she thought to herself she’d come this far so she may as well go all the way and find out what fate had in mind for her. “Yes, I would love to, if it isn’t too much trouble. I will be happy to pay my way.” “Great” said Natasha “then it’s settled, two dark haired beauties off to San Francisco”. They both laughed and waved the stewardess down, “champagne please”. .

Eternia was staring out the window at the view. The sun was setting and the glow hit the golden gate bridge so beautifully. It was hard to believe she had been there for 3 months now and had a job, her own apartment and lots of new friends. Even when Sage had called last week, it hadn’t upset her because she knew she had done the right thing. Sage had begged her to come back, that he missed her and apologized for all the skirt chasing he had done and told her all the things she wished he had said before she had decided to end it. Now it didn’t matter because she knew she had done the right thing in leaving him and her old life behind. .

Still, Eternia sighed with a pang of wanting more, of belonging with someone who respected and loved her and wanted her to be happy. Just then the phone rang, it was Natasha. “Hello darling, what are you doing Friday nite? And not waiting for her to answer continued “I’m having another bash and you MUST come, I have someone I want you to meet!” Oh no, Eternia thought, here we go again. In the last 3 months Natasha had been relentless about fixing her up with men that she thought were “perfect” for her. .

Sure they were nice enough and some pretty interesting but there wasn’t that spark. Eternia knew she would know when HE showed up. .

Friday evening came pretty quickly and Eternia had spent quite a while picking out an outfit for the party. She was in a good mood and even had a feeling that maybe tonight would be special….the reason she felt this way was her friend Natasha told her she was certain the guy she was introducing Eternia to was THE ONE!!!. .

Eternia pulled up in front of Natasha’s large home and maneuvered into her usual spot to the left of the porch. She noticed a cute little red sports car near the entrance. Hmmm wouldn’t that be nice if it belonged to her “new friend”. Eternia had dreamed of driving off in the sunset with her man in a little red car. “Enough of this daydreaming” Eternia said to herself laughing. .

She practically skipped up the front porch steps and swung open the door. She never knocked now as Natasha told her long ago she was family and just come on. She looked out towards the balcony and gazed at a group of 12 or more people dressed for cocktails and laughing and talking. As she did, a man caught her eye, he smiled lightly and her heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t get the feeling out of her head that she had seen him somewhere before. .

She took a deep breath and walked in and saw Natasha to her right and walked over to her, giving her a big hug and eyed her nervously knowing she was going to meet her blind date. Would it be the handsome man that she had spied as she came in, she hoped so. .

Natasha grabbed her arm and guided her away from the balcony to a table at the side of the main parlor. There was a tall blond handsome man with a dimple in the middle of his chin seated at the table talking about what sounded like a trip to Australia. Well, he certainly was nice looking and all the other women had their eyes on him. He glanced up as Natasha and Eternia approached and popped up and smiled warmly. “Natasha who is your friend?” asked Jake. .

Eternia’s heart dropped a little even though Jake was handsome and seemed like an interesting guy. She could see the dark haired man out of the corner of her eye and wondered what his name was and why he was here. “Oh Well” she said to herself Natasha is a good judge of character, heck she pick me up” she smiled to herself. .

“How do you do” said Eternia as she started to shake Jake’s hand. Jake reached out gathered Eternia into his arms and said “hey any friend of Natasha’s is a friend of mine.” .

Natasha grabbed Jake away from Eternia and said “okay Jake enough, save some hugs for me!” Natasha hugged Jake and gave him a kiss “isn’t he great, never thought I’d meet such a great guy.” Eternia looked mystified. “Oh” Natasha said “let me introduce you to Edward” she whispered “he’s the one, I’m sure”. “Edward, this is Eternia my friend I told you about. I am sure you two have lots in common.” .

Eternia smiled and Edward smiled too and reach out and shook her hand. He was amazed at how soft her hand was and how beautiful her eyes were when she shyly looked up at him. .

Edward said to Eternia “You know you might think I’m crazy but I think I have seen you before in another country no less.” Scenes of the airport in Italy screamed through Eternia’s mind and how she had glimpsed this man, this very man in that airport. “Italy, 4 months ago”, she said deciding not to be coy but let him know she had seen him too and remembered him. .

“Wow, that’s right, you have a great memory and I’m flattered you remember me too.” He didn’t want to blurt out to Eternia that he had replayed that glimpse of her at the airport so many times as he sat in his office. How he had wondered what she was doing and where she was. Now she was right in front of him. .

When Natasha had suggested a setup, he was reluctant but she kept after him so he had given in. Now he was glad he had. It was like fate had stepped in to bring the girl he had thought about so often to him. .

Edward said to Eternia “Let’s go sit on the veranda and talk”. “Sure,” Eternia said wanting to know everything about Edward. Natasha watched them and noticed Edward gently took Eternia’s hand and they walked slowly to the veranda. “Can I pick them or what” she said to herself and turned back to Jake reaching her arm around him and squeezing. .

Edward and Eternia laughed as they noticed it was 2 a.m. and everyone was gone. Where had the time gone? Edward stood and said “let’s get out of here, I know just the place we should go.” Eternia let Edward pull her up and she fell into him. He looked down into her big beautiful eyes and pull her chin up with his fingers and gently kissed her on the lips. It was a long soft kiss. Eternia never wanted it to end. She slowly pulled herself away from Edward and looked up into his face and said “I hope this doesn’t scare you and you’ll probably think I’m crazy but you are the one I’ve been waiting for.” .

Edward said “I’m not scared, I’m just wondering why it took us this long to find each other.” They smiled and held hands as they walked to the door. The walked out onto the porch and closed the door quietly. Edward said “let me give you a lift home.” Eternia said ‘sure, I’ll pick up my car tomorrow.” Edward led her over to his little red sports car. Eternia smiled if this wasn’t a sign she didn’t know what was. He opened the door and she hopped in. .

Edward jumped him and gave Eternia a big kiss, put the car in gear and off they went. Natasha had watched the whole exchange from her balcony. She smiled to herself, thinking she would let Eternia and Edward have their engagement party at her home. Jake called to her “Natasha come back inside and get some sleep.” “Okay sweetie” she said, I’m just planning a wedding and there is so little time, but that can wait until tomorrow.” She walked back in but looking back over her shoulder she saw the little red sports car in the distance she knew Eternia and Edward were making their way along the coast to their future. .

Hope you enjoyed the Love story of Edward and Eternia. Their Wedding is on August 24, 2008 at Pleasanton, California. We’ll be adding photos of the wedding and the fun surrounding their nuptials so check back in.

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What a perfect ending and I laughed so hard when I read your Blythe's name Natasha as one of the characters! Great job!